traffic violations

Why do we need traffic laws anyway?

Why drivers violate traffic laws

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They don't realize they're breaking the law

If you ask most drivers if they have ever broken the law, they may tell you “no”. The truth is that anyone that has been pulled over and given a traffic violation is breaking the law. While they may not seem as serious as other crimes, traffic laws are in place to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. Drivers often give the same reasons for violating traffic laws, but that doesn’t make them good excuses for ignoring the rules.

they're unfamiliar with the roads

If you aren’t familiar with the area you are driving in, it’s easy to miss a speed limit sign or come up fast on a STOP sign you didn’t know was there. Unfortunately, few police officers consider this a good excuse, as you should always be aware and focused when you are in an unfamiliar area. The good news is that traffic ticket attorneys know the law and can often get citations completely removed from a driver’s record, so all hope is not lost.

They want to go with the flow

Have you ever been driving and felt like everyone around you was flying while you were dragging at the speed limit? Many drivers speed up to keep with the flow of traffic, but “everybody else was doing it” may not get you out of a ticket if an officer decides to pull you over. In this situation, an officer may choose any driver at random to pull over, or may choose a driver who’s driving irradically and presenting a possible danger to other drivers.

They're just too much in a hurry

You left your house late and aren’t going to make your doctor appointment, so you drive a little over the speed limit to cut some time off your commute. Most drivers don’t realize that speeding may only cut seconds off your commute time and could wind up getting you a ticket; or worse, an accident with another vehicle or even a pedestrian. Running late is rarely seen as a valid excuse for ignoring the laws of the road and it’s just not worth it.

Driving with children

Any driver that has kids in the car knows what it’s like when they decide to let screaming or crying children distract them from safe driving. You may step on the gas to get home faster once they start to cry, but remember that getting pulled over only increases the time you are stuck in the car with a crying child. It’s better to practice learning how to focus on your driving techniques during stressful moments than to get in an accident or pulled over.